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We are a leading supplier of fabrics across a range of industries.

Originally founded in Ohio, USA in 1932, today our business operates all over the world. In a complex marketplace, we use our experience and knowledge to help our clients find the right fabrics to suit their needs, explore new opportunities and find solutions to their challenges.

A Focus on Quality and Innovation Across Five Core Industries

Apparel Fabrics - Accessories Fabrics - Schott Performance Fabrics

Apparel & Accessories Fabric

Everyday basics to high-tech performance wear. Focused on consumer trends.

Hunting Fabric - Tactical Fabric - Military Fabric - Schott Performance Fabrics

Hunting & Tactical Fabric

The most effective camouflage brands. The most innovative fabric technology.

Home Decor & Upholstery Fabric

From classic to contemporary. Developed for quality, comfort and style.

Auto Fabrics - Car Fabrics - Schott Performance Fabrics

Auto & Interiors Fabric

World-class performance and style. Driven by state-of-the-art fabrics.

Backpack Fabric - Bag Fabric - Luggage Fabric - Schott Performance Fabrics

Pack, Bag & Luggage Fabric

Versatile. Modern. Technical. Fabric solutions for every design challenge.

Fabric Development Supply Chain - Schott Performance Fabrics


As an experienced supplier and converter, we enjoy a privileged position at the heart of the textile industry.

Long-standing joint ventures in China and Pakistan and with US suppliers leave us well placed to satisfy the demands of designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers across a range of applications and locations.

This capability is further enhanced by our specialist expertise, particularly as regards commercializing often complex printed patterns and color matching across different fabrics.

We pride ourselves on our solutions-driven approach. Whether you are looking to improve or diversify your supply chain, are facing a complex challenge or are brand new to the world of fabrics, we are an experienced and dynamic team that is looking forward to working with you.


Our Heritage

Our leading position in the global fabrics industry is the result of over 85 years of exploration, entrepreneurship and experience.

Helping great companies make great products.