Moon Shine Camo®


Moon Shine Camo® Wildfire®

Express your love for the outdoors with bold color and attitude. Never before represented in camouflage, this astounding array of vivid color engulfing the forest is sure to spark attention. A lifestyle look that will indeed spread like wildfire.

Moon Shine Camo® Muddy Girl®

This new invigorating pattern incorporates the purple and pink shades women demand in today’s apparel. Intense coloration pushes the boundaries of the typical “pink” camo. Muddy Girl® Camo commands to be worn with maximum attitude.

Moon Shine Camo® Undertow®

Hold your breath and allow the rising waters to submerge you in this aquatic camo. The flooded forest now simulates the ocean floor as you look through tangled brush with curiosity of what nautical creatures hide in the deep blue waters beyond. The combination of wet and wild not only give this pattern an aquatic appeal, but also a bold blue lifestyle look.

Moon Shine Camo® Toxic®

The yellow and green neon glow of this biohazard pattern is the first acidic camo of its kind. The graphics of this corrosive countryside are so intense that you can almost hear the sizzle and bubble of the erosion eating the leaves and limbs. This never before seen look at a chemical camo lends itself to making a vibrant lifestyle statement. So, be in the know and get the glow!

Moon Shine Camo® Harvest Moon®

Words that come to mind with this pattern are sniper, stealth, and covert. Words that come to mind with this attitude are aggressive, assertive, and stern. Far from your typical camo, this pattern is designed for the varmints we hunt at night, and besides that, it is a noble form of expression.

Moon Shine Camo® Outshine®

Looking through the grown up fence row of the sun drenched farmlands, or nestled into the isolated brush of the dry grassy plains, this camo pattern uses sharp contrasting colors to break up your outline like no other camo can. It also speaks volumes about who you are and what you believe in.


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