Next Camo™

Next Camo G1

Leaves, limbs and trees, contrast, detail and depth. We put it all in there. Next G-1 Camo is our original flagship hunting pattern. This pattern is more vertical in design and is a throwback to more classic hunting pattern designs… only with a bit more of an edge. We enhanced the depth of the pattern with forced perspective and the addition of elements that seem to reach right out of the pattern. The grey and brown coloration, with subtle hints of green, make the pattern perfect for late season hunting in just about any environment. Available now on a wide range of fabric and film substrates for virtually any product application.

Next Camo G2

The widest format traditional leaf and limb pattern on the market takes the best features of our original G-1 pattern to the extreme. We incorporated many improvements to our original G-1 concept when creating this pattern. We replaced many of the vertical elements with a perfectly balanced mix of non-directional elements to make the pattern even more functional in a wide range of terrain. We enhanced the forced perspective and detail creating an even greater perception of depth within the pattern. The super-wide repeat format which we pioneered, makes G2 the ultimate solution for larger scale items like ground blinds and vehicle graphics where too much repeatability can often times, present problems. On smaller items where reduced versions of the pattern are used such as ATV body panels, bows and firearms, the large repeat also presents a more fluid appearance with far less repetition than any other pattern on the market.

Next Camo G1 Vista

The perfect solution for Spring and Fall, Next G-1 Vista combines multi-directional photo realistic elements with a well balanced blend of natural Green and Brown elements including a mix of oak leaves and pine branches, over a neutral base of grey-toned limb and tree elements.

Next Camo Bonz

Some people call it unorthodox. To that we say “thank you!” Bonz defies convention; a unique and intricate pattern design made up of weathered deer skulls and racks intermingled with twigs and brown leaves. Bonz is a whole new kind of pattern and it’s designed for people who love the outdoors.


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