Colormatch Camo™

Colormatch CamoA lot of time and effort go into the design and coloration of today’s top proprietary camouflage patterns.

It is understandable why top camo companies are so particular (some might even say downright bull-headed) about the appearance of their camo patterns on printed fabric.  These camo companies stake their reputations on the appearance and effectiveness of their camo patterns.

Printing the same camo pattern (with the same coloration) on different fabrics involves different factories, different printing methods, different dyestuffs, and different finishes.  Keep in mind that different finishes such as DWR, brushing, and antimicrobials can also affect the final coloration of the fabric.

With so many variables, it is understandable why most printing companies will tell you that it is impossible to achieve the same coloration on different types of fabrics.

Unfortunately this attitude of “can’t be done” is quite evident in the retail
camo marketplace.

Walk through the camo department of most any retailer and you are likely to see any number of different versions (colorations) of the same camo pattern.  Consequently, the final customer might decide not to buy a particular piece of clothing or accessory because the coloration doesn’t “match” his or her other camo gear.

Schott Performance Fabrics has been involved in the printing of camo patterns on an extensive variety of fabrics for over 30 years.  Our current staff has collectively many years of experience in the global textile and textile processing business.  Colormatch Camo ™ is the process Schott employs to provide our customers consistent coloration for each camo pattern across a wide range of fabrics. In short, our Colormatch
Camo™ process means your products will merchandise better at retail.

Here are a few of the steps Schott takes to achieve Colormatch Camo™:colormatch2

  • Utilize only capable printers in strategic locations.  In addition to having the right equipment, our printers possess the right “culture and attitude”.  Complicated camo patterns require the printer to invest time and effort with Schott to color-match fabrics.
  • Too many printers today lack the personnel (good colorists and capable factory managers) to successfully achieve the right coloration on a complicated camo pattern.  A printer can have modern equipment and state of the art technology, but if capable personnel are not on hand, achieving the right coloration will happen more by chance than design.
  • SPF has on staff colorists and factory trained people highly experienced in all phases of the printing process.  Our personnel actively participate and consult at the factory during the printing process to achieve the correct coloration.  Developing Colormatch Camo™ patterns on various substrates requires a considerable commitment by SPF.  It is not unusual for several of our staff to take an entire working day at the printing factory (where ever it may be located) to achieve the right coloration.  The results, however, speak for themselves both in terms of the appearance of the printed fabric and speeding up the approval process.
  • Additionally, Schott takes extensive steps to develop quality control procedures
    and establish various testing requirements for all the fabrics we produce.
  • Finally, SPF has an international supply chain team in place to handle the complexities
    of sampling, shipping, documentation, inspection, testing, and customer service.

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