Livable Fabric Collection from Schott Performance FAbrics This micro fiber is soft and smooth, when you put your hands on Livable you will know right away that this fabric was meant for furniture or similar applications where the sense of touch is triggered. NEVER SACRIFICE COMFORT
Comfortable Furniture Fabric
Performance Fabric Livable fabric is produced with high performance yarn and grades extremely well when put through rigorous grab, tear and rub testing. YOUR PETS WILL APPROVE Durable Furniture Fabric Livable is a gorgeous option for solids, prints or combinations providing long lasting, durable beauty. With high grades in colorfastness to rubbing, pilling and abrasion resistance, Livable will maintain its beauty and promote customer satisfaction. GO AHEAD AND JUMP ON IT Beautiful Furniture Fabric
Livable Fabric Collection
Livable Furniture
A strong and beautiful performance fabric with great hand feel. Ideal for furniture applications where durability and comfort are priority.
Livable Performance Chart
Livable Fabric Performance Chart

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